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It was his portrayal of Jesus in Ojai's Godspell that brought him to the attention of Hollywood.

He had a supporting role in the television movie Big Shot: Confessions of a Campus Bookie (2002) with David Krumholtz, Tory Kittles, Jennifer Morrison and Nicholas Turturro.

I'll watch a Pixar movie over and over and over again.

I'll be with friends of mine who have kids, that want to watch Finding Nemo (2003), and I'm like, 'Yeah, okay, let's watch 'Nemo' again, for the seven billionth time!

The animation was great and Robin Williams was unbelievable as the Genie.

Aladdin (1992) was an amazing adventure and the lead character was a hero for guys, which I loved.

A lot of people, especially Christians, want to put you in this box of being a Christian actor, and I don't believe in it.

You do yourself and everyone else a big disservice when you start thinking about it as 'Christian art.' That's why most Christian art is bad.

If you can incentivize people in anything, whether it's in politics; in life; in spirituality; in business; just take care of folks.

Especially with Christians, there's more proselytizing than there is actual living proof of it. If somebody says 'singer-songwriter' to me, the first person I think of is James Taylor.

There are plenty of modern singer-songwriters, but there is something about James Taylor that has always resonated with me.

Typing "Christian" when you set up your profile on a non-Christian dating service will tell you how many matches or possibilities there if you decide to register at the end of a free trial subscription.

your ideal first date i wanna find love jehovahs witnesses dating The three program is exactly the opposite of the urban legend & quot; three days rule "that dictates you need to decide by the third date if a guy is potentially the only and have sex or lose it forever.

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After graduating from Buena High School, he headed to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of acting.

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