Wpf binding not updating property

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If he’d change his binding from compiled binding to ‘classic’ binding, everything worked as expected!

So, the first thing I said to my colleague was: “make sure you set the binding mode explicitly to Well, when using ‘classic bindings’, nothing really happens until runtime.

In the end, when I found and fixed the problem, I realized that it was something I actually already knew, but didn’t think about it immediately.

A colleague was requesting help because he couldn’t get his bindings to work on a case where he was using , the changes where not visible on the view…

It’s not hard to imagine code that ends up looking like this:[code language=”csharp”] public abstract class Base View Model : INotify Property Changed public class My View Model : Base View Model [/code]This all tends to work really well for simple scenarios…

If we forget just one, or misspell one, then our View Model will not work correctly.We might first naively define it as such:[code language=”csharp”] string _full Name; public string Full Name [/code]But we would quickly see that this isn’t a wise implementation.Every time we assign either First or Last name, then we would need to recalculate and reassign the value for Full Name. Clearly, Full Name should be a read-only property – thus eliminating the need to parse anything.In the following code im binding Records form a viewmodel , which is using an observablecollection , im also raising the inotifypropertychange, , now i have a button setup which uses the navigation.pushasync method to go to a new page , over there im updating the database Records , i have created a listview in this new page and used the same binding shown here to bind the Records , whenever i add something it updates , but if i press the back button and come back to this Entry Tab Page the binding doesnt update , it only updates if i close the app fully and restart it the data is shown.I want this listview to be updated not sure how to do it , i have tried using the onappearing and typing in the Listviewname.itemssource=Records; but this is showing an error "this does not exist in the current context" any help in the right direction would be appreciated.

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This way, we can unit test our View Models thoroughly, and (sometimes) allow UX designers to dictate the XAML layout directly. As we dig a little more deeply into the mechanisms of data binding, we learn that part of the “magic” is achieved by way of the INotify Property Changed interface (which includes only one thing – an event named Property Changed).

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