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He is a one-time WWE Intercontinental Champion and the first and only WWE Internet Champion.

In Deep South Wrestling in Georgia, he was renamed Brett Majors while Myers was renamed Bryan Majors.

But when “Back the Barge” came out, I had to do it. But if I build it, I know that I will go on e Bay, I’ll scratch that figure itch, and I will get the Vintage Collection figures that fit in there. Star Wars.com: So, I was going to ask who’s your favorite character, but since you already said Han, I’ll ask: second favorite character? We’re not technically blood, but I feel like he’s my brother.

[] Even though I don’t collect the Vintage Collection figures, I knew that this barge needed to be made, and I knew that if it didn’t get backed, I would blame myself. So I got the barge, I opened it up, I looked at it, and then I just put it back in the package. And then once I have those, I might as well get the other Vintage Collection figures, and then by the end of the month I’ll be on e Bay setting alerts and spending all this money. Zack Ryder: Second favorite character, I would say, is Darth Vader. He’s a bad guy but deep down inside he shows his true colors.

I was spending more money on shipping than I was on the figures in the package, just to open [them]. My fiancé, my girlfriend at that point, wanted to ] Star Wars.com: How has your collecting gone over with her, for the most part? I’ve won the Intercontinental title there, we just won the tag team title there.

Because I’m a psycho, I need all the accessories, everything mint. Zack Ryder: I mean, luckily, she’s very, very cool about it. You set this goal, you set this vision for yourself, you set this dream for yourself, and somehow, someway, you fulfill it because it’s your destiny.

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