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Reichen unveils the new decor for his and Rodiney's apartment to general disapproval.Rodiney meets with a potential agent but is too short.Derek and Austin spend time together in The Hamptons and Derek finds Austin's manners and his penchant for commenting on Reichen's genitalia appalling.Derek tells Reichen about it and he confronts Austin at Ryan's party.At home Rodiney confronts Reichen about his attitude, leading Reichen to say he doesn't like coming home to the situation anymore.Derek and new assistant Gina meet with a party planner to put together Derek's gay pride party.His busy schedule prevents him from helping Rodiney find a New York modeling agent so Reichen sends Rodiney to Mike for assistance.Austin begins training with trainer Mario Godiva Green to lose weight in preparation for relaunching his modeling career.

Season two began airing on July 25, 2011, and consists of 12 one-hour episodes.

He meets Roberto, the man he met at Carnival, for a date and invites him to the party but Roberto doesn't show.

Reichen and Rodiney meet Derek and Ryan for a spa day and discuss their relationship issues.

Derek visits a "millionaire matchmaker" who sets him up with someone he'd already dated.

At Carnival, a weekly party hosted by Amanda Lepore, Derek gets drunk and meets a man while Rodiney is upset by Reichen's drinking and flirtations with other guys.

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Austin and Jake discuss meeting with an immigration lawyer they contacted through Ryan but don't make the meeting, with Austin claiming to Ryan that he and Jake got into a fistfight the night before.

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