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GONZÁLEZ: And yet, the reality is that he did get such a huge number of votes.And one of the things that you’ve talked about is not only him, but the crowds that he gathered and their relationship to you and to reporters, as well. And this is something, to be fair, that had been happening gradually for a while now.

I think we never could have imagined that some—this last twist, at the end of what was already the craziest election season in history, with this Russia controversy and this sort of unparalleled intelligence crisis, in a way it’s actually kind of the perfect anti-ending to this, you know, incredible tragicomedy of the last couple years. There’s no reason to be subtle at all in the current environment. And that was sort of the gold standard, I think, and always will be, for campaign writing.

So, I thought this—that, you know, the title kind of reflected how what happened in the last couple years was a mix of kind of the extremely horrible and the extremely ridiculous. And I think what made that series of articles and that book art, as opposed to just kind of snappy magazine writing, was that Thompson was personally obsessed with how horrible and disgusting Nixon was, in a way that no other politician really touched him.

And it had that clown car theme, as well, I wanted to kind of reference. There are parallels, because you now have an inauguration where, well, just at this point, 42 congressmembers, Democratic congressmembers, like one in five, will not be attending. The only thing we saw—only time we saw anything like this was Nixon, 1972—1973, inauguration, in the midst of the war. For the rest of his life, no matter who he wrote about, whether it was Carter or, you know, even George Bush, it just wasn’t the same thing.

So this is, you know, your immediate, obvious contradiction in his campaign rhetoric. You know, they head a lot of the Federal Reserve branches, etc., etc. In fact, they were sort of co-heads of Goldman Sachs for all the relevant crisis years.

You know, he talked about draining the swamp, and the first thing he did is he filled it with people who were from that very company. Cohn is now the chief economic adviser to Donald Trump; he’s the head of the . He worked for Sullivan & Cromwell, but he represented Goldman.

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