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So directors, producers, filmmakers, I challenge you to try something revolutionary this 2016: cast an Asian actor or actress as the lead role in your film, a role that has nothing to do with race or martial arts or accountants.

Undo the hot mess created by white Hollywood and tasteless comedians and inspire young people to dream that a hero can, in fact, come in any shape, gender or color.

As writer Ranier Maningding put it: “Let’s talk about how three little Asian kids went up on stage in front of thousands of Hollywood millionaires and were laughed AT (not with) BECAUSE of their race.” The progress we’ve made.

Reinforcing the stereotypes that have kept yellow people under the bamboo ceiling and invisible in American society seems pretty ironic for a man who spent much of the evening chewing out Hollywood for its lack of black representation.

He co-starred in The One (2001) and War (2007) with Jason Statham, The Forbidden Kingdom (2008) with Jackie Chan, all three of The Expendables films with Sylvester Stallone, and as the title character villain in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008).

My winning first place caused quite a sensation because I was so young.

The film brought to life one of the most unlikely scenarios in the history of Hollywood: the story of an Asian man and a black woman who fall in love.It's great for Ava [that we don't work on movies at the same time], because she always gets full attention from one parent.I love taking her to school and participating in snack time.But then I get these great extended amounts of time, like six months or a year, just to be Mom.After three years of training with acclaimed Wushu teacher Wu Bin, Li won his first national championship for the Beijing Wushu Team.

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