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The happy couple both shared a beautiful snap of their newborn's feet on Instagram stories, writing: "He's here, he's healthy and our hearts couldn't be more full." Jensen also added a heart eyed emoji to the snap of his son. about expecting the little bundle of joy, with Brittny saying: "This baby is going to be a very lucky boy.

Jenson is just really ready to be a father." Brittny and Jenson have welcomed a baby boy She continued: Some men just do it because they think it’s what they should do in life but he really does want it.

That’s well out of order.’ But he was so hammered that he simply didn’t understand what the problem was.

“The next thing we knew he’d stood up from our table and tottered over to a party of ten, where one of the diners, presumably unaware of quite how drunk he was, handed him a baby, hoping to get a picture of him holding it.'' Jenson said Branson later apologised for what happened and even gave up drinking for several months afterwards.

Brittny is also a signed agency model and a former UFC ring girl; she previously dated Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz.

Former Formula One racing driver Jenson Button has popped the question to his longtime model girlfriend Brittny Ward. Button started dating former Playboy Playmate Ward months after his marriage to model Jessica Michibata ended in late 2015.

Branson wrote about it in his book Finding My Virginity and said: “Jenson and his girlfriend were sitting at the next table, enjoying a far quieter evening as he had to race the next morning.

The picture was taken on a beach although the pair are both dressed in formal wear; she added the diamond ring emoji to illustrate the news.The driver’s manager told him: “Look, I think you had better leave or you’re going to get chinned when Jenson gets back.” Jenson, 37, squared up to the sozzled Virgin tycoon at an exclusive Japanese restaurant.He revealed Branson made his move on Jessica as he went to the toilet, leaning over and telling her: “Stop staring at me.” He added: “She pointed out that she wasn’t staring at him. Although Jessica was a model she was quite shy, so this was making her feel uncomfortable.Sir Richard did not at any time admit that any such behaviour had taken place and it’s extremely misleading to suggest otherwise.Both cases were dismissed and any allegations against Sir Richard were categorically untrue and unfounded.” Hard-hitting author Tom Bower has written three books about Branson and claimed the twice-married businessman was “sexually promiscuous” enjoying wife swapping and affairs.

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