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Her comments addressed WWE executive Stephanie Mc Mahon, who thanked her for the public statement.WWE chairman and CEO Vince Mc Mahon acknowledged the issue.She solidified a relationship with Ziggler the next night on Raw and they teamed together against Cena and Guerrero in the main event, which ended in disqualification after the debuting Big E Langston attacked Cena on her behalf.but later in the show caused Ziggler to lose his own rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship.While in FCW, Mendez took part in the third season of NXT beginning in September 2010.

And it just so happens that CM Punk has relationships with many of the company’s top stars and executives.

The two had an exchange about the fight on Twitter, but both used language not worth repeating.

It will be interesting to see if this heat in the real world leads to an opportunity for an actual program.

-Pretty much since the day CM Punk left WWE, fans have been clamoring for his return to pro wrestling.

However, considering how bitter the split was (and when you factor in the legal battle), the odds of a Punk-WWE reunion have always seemed quite long.

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