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She is a lovely lady with a smiley face and best acting skills.With passage of time attitude is build in her personality that is a major part of her attraction grooming.As they grow closer together, Grace is reluctant to tell Bob about her medical history.

“When we did the focus group and the testing on the show and they asked the audience, ‘Who do you think the show is made for?

Megan's husband, Joe, (Jim Belushi) becomes infuriated as he has misunderstood Grace's panic and thinks Bob must be married.

Megan then explains the situation to him in six monosyllables: "Grace has Bob's dead wife's heart!

On the night of her fundraiser for a new primate house, Bob promises Elizabeth he'll finish the building.

Elizabeth is killed in a car accident leaving the fundraiser, and her heart is transplanted to artist Grace Briggs (Minnie Driver), who has suffered from heart disease since the age of 14 and is near death.

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As the film ends we see Wally and Sophie dancing happily at their wedding reception at O'Reilly's restaurant, and Charlie holding Joe and a visibly pregnant Megan's toddler, while they join Grace and Bob on the dance floor.

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