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When Ana first experiences this type of experience she is surprised by her erotic response which is immediate and highly charged despite her intellectual mind telling her she shouldn't be getting turned on.Many people when they first hear about Bondage-Discipline and Sadomasochistic relationships think that there must be something pathologically wrong with the person(s) administering or receiving the pain, humiliation or restrictions which can be involved in this type of dynamic.It is not weird, it is not pathological, it is a flavor of erotica, just as chocolate (and vanilla) are flavors of ice cream. We stumbled into this discussing how pain feel good at times. While we work on thing one goal is to get to the point of being militant proud of who she is.

The subject of this book should not be viewed through a socio-political lens since it lies in a realm that is beyond in a psychological, emotional and sensual world.

People who participate in BDSM come from a variety of ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages and social classes The Dom is in a position of power and authority and the Sub is in a position of helplessness and vulnerability in many capacities.

These relationships are consensual and the submissive has code words to let the Dom know if he/she has had enough.

In this relationship he begged to be treated as a slave and that she wears fur while subjugating him.

The term Masochism was named for him by the Austrian psychiatrist Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing in 1886 due to Sacher-Mosoch's writings on the subject.

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With her saying "THIS IS WHO I AM" My job as he master is lead her into true freedom and empower her to be proud hat she a slave/sub.

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