Virgo dating a scorpio

The Virgo can be nagging and annoyed by the Scorpio, thing that can never change.

The Scorpio will become rude and cynical in this situation, thing that the Virgo will not in any way expect.

The Virgo and the Scorpio may feel like they’re having an instant connection of friendship when first meeting because the Virgo loves how the Scorpion has great intuition when it comes to emotions, whereas the Scorpio admires the intelligence of the Virgo.

When these two are getting together, many interesting things can happen because the Virgo can immediately identify what makes a Scorpio happy or sad.

The Virgo is more able to organize social gatherings, the Scorpio can focus on their friends’ emotions.

While the Virgo thinks in a simplistic way and doesn’t mind to sometimes look at things only on their surface, the Scorpio is more focused on deeper layers and meanings.

Scorpios are Water, whereas the Virgo is Earth, which means the first is very profound, just like the ocean, but not without turbulence.

Scorpions are able to guess others’ emotions and usually push themselves until everything just explodes.

The Virgo is timid and composed, whereas Scorpio is known for being passionate and intense.

Having many differences, these two can learn a lot from one another, especially when deciding to have a common ground and working together.

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Furthermore, the first is very perceptive and can notice every little detail, thing the Scorpio will find curious.

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