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Since early this year, reports surfaced that Vanness has finally given up on the relationship and asked for divorce several times.However, Arissa had refused to sign the divorce papers.Now, netizens are buzzing as Elroy Cheo, the son of a Singaporean tycoon showed photos of him and her together, holding hands on his Instagram Stories.Cheo's father is the chairman of Mewah International, a company that sells edible oils such as palm oil. So shocked when I heard this news for the first time! Actually the most interesting thing is I opened vanness's weibo the day before I know this news, but I didn't notice anything since I thought that photo is just a photo that he re-post because of his birthday.I think siwon has congratulate him personally in Taiwan. Wu also received congratulatory messages from celebrities on Weibo, including Singaporean singer JJ Lin, Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao and Meteor Garden co-star Barbie Hsu.Vanness’ good friends revealed, “Arissa’s personality has always been more open. He is a good singer from his past boy band, F4 (aka JVKV) and the best dancer He has been singing and dancing since he was young, he used hang out with a band called L.

The group had several hit songs such as "Bad Girl Good Girl" and "Breathe". Currently, Jia is signed with Banana Culture Entertainment and is focusing on her career as a Mandopop artist.

The company's estimated value is a whopping 0 million.

Cheo's sister, Arissa Cheo was married to Taiwanese actor, Vanness Wu for five years before getting a divorce just last year.

Vanness told his wife to “Watch her tongue” and refrain from cursing in her posts.

Prior to the divorce rumors, the couple was seen often posting photos of themselves and their dogs.

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Tau kalo vanness udah nikah aja shock nya begini gimana kalo siwon ya? wkwkwkwk Congratulations Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo! According to the Registry of Marriages, the couple’s marriage can only take place 21 days after and within three months of the date the Notice of Marriage is issued.

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