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Sometimes, I cannot connect connect to my webservice, so I try an "update web reference" - but this results in an error: "There was an error downloading to connect to the remote server.No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" Why do I get this error, and how do I convince VS to update the web reference?------------------------------------- OR U may Use webreuest and web response To call Your web Serice...Hi, If the client application is published version will the above suggestion (generating the proxy class at runtime) will work? The references should be resolved correctly, so your project should work as expected.

Can we include some code such that the client application always updates the web reference during runtime? Thanks, Chandu Hi, To Update the Webrefence programiticaly finind Wsd1file Which locatedt in Below mention Folder..

The only solution I have found is to delete the web reference from my project, and then create a new one again - but isn't this kind of what "update we refence" should do?

Thanks, Peter Hi I have a webservice project in Visual Studio, and another project which uses the webservice.

All this activity is happening within Visual Studio - I have notmanually set any values for url or port number.

The webservice itselfis just a class within Visual Studio - how do I ensure it islistening, and the reference to it can be updated?

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