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Indicate that you’re open 24 hours on a given day by clicking Opens at next to the day you want to set hours for, then selecting 24 hours from the dropdown menu that appears.

For example, say your business is open from 9am–2pm on Saturdays, closed from 2pm–5pm, then open again from 5pm–10pm.

They will then work with their Jeppesen Account Manager to coordinate this deployment for your company. After you've installed and activated Mobile Flite Deck, you can find the site key by opening the i Pad Settings.

Took three follow up calls to get all amdmts from Aug sent.:rolleyes: Rang Jepp's when revision 17 was overdue. Today in the mail the original revision 17 turned up, only a month late!

If your business is a food and drink establishment and doesn't already have a third-party-provided menu, you have the option to list your menu items and prices.

Finally I believe it is definitely not a problem of Jepp FD VFR but either of Apple i OS or each GPS receiver /bluetooth.

You will need to have a valid Jepp View, Nav Suite, or E-Link subscription and serial number to use the application.

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