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DECLARE x Node XMLType; v Text VARCHAR2(256); v Reference VARCHAR2(32); CURSOR get Purchase Order(reference IN VARCHAR2) IS SELECT OBJECT_VALUE XML FROM purchaseorder WHERE XMLExists('$p/Purchase Order[Reference=$r]' PASSING OBJECT_VALUE AS "p", reference AS "r"); BEGIN v Reference := 'EABEL-20021009123335791PDT'; FOR c IN get Purchase Order(v Reference) LOOP x Node := c. OBJECT_VALUE AS "p" RETURNING CONTENT) AS VARCHAR2(12)); REFERENCE USERID STATUS STATUS_DATE -------------------------------- -------- -------- ------------ VJONES-20020916140000000PDT SVOLLMAN Accepted 2002-10-11 SMCCAIN-2002091213000000PDT SKING Rejected 2002-10-12 2 rows selected.OBJECT_VALUE AS "p" COLUMNS reference VARCHAR2(28) PATH 'Reference', lineitem XMLType PATH 'Line Items/Line Item') t, XMLTable('$l/Line Item' PASSING t.lineitem AS "l" COLUMNS lineno NUMBER(10) PATH '@Item Number', description VARCHAR2(128) PATH 'Description') li WHERE t.reference = 'DAUSTIN-20021009123335811PDT' AND ROWNUM .That is, you can just use a literal XQuery string here, instead of passing a literal string from SQL to XQuery. They then insert that data into a relational table. Example 5-20 defines and uses a PL/SQL procedure to extract data from an XML purchase-order document and insert it into a relational table. To declare a namespace prefix for use in an to extract data from an XML purchase-order document.

v Text); END LOOP; END; / The Requestor for Reference EABEL-20021009123335791PDT is Ellen S.

XML.extract('//Requestor'); SELECT XMLSerialize(CONTENT XMLQuery('//text()' PASSING x Node RETURNING CONTENT)) INTO v Text FROM DUAL; DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('The Requestor for Reference '

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