Updating access database using asp

I can provide code examples if you need assistance with that as well.

Will it redirect me to the 'some Page.asp' or will it just run the vb codes stored in the 'some Page.asp' quietly in the background and update the "Data Printed" field of the currently displayed record?

To maintain data integrity, the fields in an Access database are set to accept a specific type of data, such as text or numbers.

If you don't enter the correct data type, Access displays an error message.

There are several ways to update data in an Access database.

You add a record to your database when you have a new item to track, such as a new contact to the Contacts table.

All the Textboxes will be fill according the record.

Configuration; public partial class Update Data Base : System.

if you rather go that route, look into using jquery, a javascript framework, as it'll make the call for ajax much easier to work with.

I have created a recordset "rs Members" in my (classic) ASP page for displaying a record stored in the MS Access database table and bound the table field data on the ASP page for the initial display of the personal details record data to the user when the page is loaded on the browser. What I want to achieve is when the user clicks the blue circular button on the page, I want the javascript onclick event script to trigger/execute vbscript ASP update codes shown below.

I know how to update MS Access database records using ASP when the ASP page is loaded or when the submit button inside a form is pressed but I don't know how to achieve this using javascript -- onclick event of the image button.

Finally, you can delete a record when it is no longer relevant and to save space.

For more information on setting up a database for data entry, see Design considerations for updating data. Data entry forms can provide an easier, faster, and more accurate way to enter data.

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