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This time we are not talking about scams in the system of PPL dating sites, but discuss the general situation in Ukraine.

conducted an online poll among its users asking them about their experiences with scammers. Scammers invent new tricks all the time, Segodnya reports.

One lady told how she was talking to criminals in the middle of the night and the amount requested kept becoming larger, while she was just having fun — her baby son was sleeping in her arms.

Because in Ukraine it’s possible to transfer funds to a phone number or a card instantly, some sensitive mothers get so scared that they send money, as corruption is widespread and they are not surprised about such a request.The criminals leave a note on the car with a phone number.When the victim calls, he is instructed to pay money (US-100) to a card.This is why Ukrainians learn to be highly vigilant and view foreigners that buy into such obvious scams as pay-per-letter “bait-and-switch” schemes as lacking in IQ.For them, it’s instantly obvious how the scam operates and they cannot believe that an intelligent person may not be able to see it.

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