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); while on Hinge, I met one suave silver fox whom I naively thought was charming until one unsolicited picture arrived in my inbox.

All I can say is I suppose I ought to take it as a compliment that I had stirred feelings in his trousers, but I did not take up his invitation to visit him that evening to provide much-needed TLC.

Nonetheless, Bumble provided me with many more men over the coming days.

I got braver, swiped right more than I had done to begin with, had over 50 likes and an age range that spanned from 42 to 62 (when I pointed out to one 42 year old that I was 60, his reply was, “So? On Tinder, I only managed a few messages with someone that came to nothing; Happn didn’t happen (do any men in west London use it?

Where do you start a conversation when you know practically nothing about a person?

When we met at my favourite restaurant (that he picked) a few days later, he looked even more distinguished than when we first met.

A quick dinner turned into four and a half hours, and at the time of writing, we have arranged our next dinner date.

Another instruction was to deviate from my relatively old-fashioned concept of dating and to do something brave that might introduce me to a man.

My first task was to create profiles on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and Happn.

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Men who had earnestly messaged me suddenly vanished into the ether. It happened a lot, and I swiftly learned to brush off the rejection and move forwards.

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