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“The idea is that the audience are the stars of the show, so lots of interaction, fun and chaos.” I’m told that in the run-through, BGT’s warm-up man Stuart Holdham hosted, but bosses want a big name such as Alan Carr if it makes it to TV.

They’d be better off giving it to Stuart who I’ve seen first-hand is very funny.

Elsewhere, Tyrone returns home for lunch and is taken aback to find Mary has prepared a lasagne and chilled some wine.

“They are thinking it could be a great interactive show for all ages — just on the right side of smutty so kids can watch, but still a little cheeky for adults.International versions of the show began screening in Denmark as Dagens Mand (Today's Man) from 2008, with the Netherlands the first country to use the title "Take Me Out" in 2009.The objective of the show is for a single man to obtain a date with one of thirty single women.ITV’S Take Me Out has been a staple of dating shows since host Paddy Mc Guinness first came down the Love Lift in 2010.But the channel is also trying out a new, Blind Date-style show called Big Date Night.

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He will then have a chance to ask one question to the last two women, before choosing which woman he wants to go on the date with by turning off one more light.

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