Talking to your daughter about dating

The more we talk about it, the less embarrassing it gets.”“So, we’re going to keep having these conversations.

Because you need to know you can come to me about anything.

And my own more cautious personality probably saved us both from the most dire consequences of our lack of communication.

But as different as the world was between when my mother and I were teenagers, it’s nothing compared to the differences that exist for my girls.

Would I have been bold enough to walk into a Planned Parenthood to obtain birth control? She married at 18 and didn’t not grow up in the same world that I did.

I am not sure of the answers, but I know any of these scenarios was far more likely than me actually talking to my mom about any of it. Her outlook on my teen years was shaded by the innocence of her own experiences.

We’ll totally be covered.”They turned and hurried up the stairs before I could even think of a response. My prude, Pollyanna self got through an embarrassing conversation and I didn’t die.

Little did she know I was letting out a huge exhale, thankful that I didn’t have to actually tell her that I wanted contraception for other reasons.

And after all that, she even asked me a shy question or two. The girl who turned crimson when I even said the word menstruation took it all in stride.“I’m outta here,” my youngest said, turning on her heel to flee.“Wait,” I called out.“Listen.

It isn’t easy for me talking about this stuff either, but we need to talk about it.

And they told us most of this at school,” she begged.“Nope. If you have openly been talking about penises and vaginas since your child’s first bath, then you deserve some sort of parenting award.

We need to be able to discuss this kind of thing, it’s only the beginning…”Well, not really. As for me, and I bet a lot of other moms out there, talking about this sort of stuff is painful. I do it because talking to them about this stuff, stuff that is uncomfortable and awkward and hard, could make a real difference in their lives one day.

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