Starting a new dating relationship

However, don’t take it too far — while it’s fun to lose yourself in your new S. Find a balance, because at the end of the day, there’s no rush.

A new relationship is scary, especially when it comes to revealing your true self to another person. New relationships are an exquisite dance of baring our emotions and vulnerabilities to another person who we don’t know incredibly well but really care about.

Showing defects as the main feature when starting a relationship is not recommended, gradually you will get to know yourself, you will not hide that part of yourself, but you also do not need to use it as a flag and focus on the negative side of your personality . If you are defensive, you will be creating a wall that will complicate the continuity of your new relationship.2.

It is possible that you keep in touch with your ex and speak to them without problems.

If in the end it is something very serious, in time it can be talked about.

Do not even think about doing something like that once they start dating.3.

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, and learning how to communicate with your S. If that’s the case, you are definitely with the wrong person.

Your entire person, including your personality, the way you think and speak, what you wear, etc., is specific to you.

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If you started out seriously with a person, remember that it is because you like it.

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