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We offer a comfortable, stimulating environment for the cats to socialize with their could-be new owners while roaming freely until they are adopted.As metropolitan areas continue to grow, more people move into apartments that often don’t allow pets. Cat cafes act as a central location for cat related speakers, conferences, activities, events, and parties. (Sports store, gaming store, bakery, hardware store, hobby shop, etc).You'll find people with similar interests and make money while doing it! Though, I’ve been here for 14 years (how the hell has it been that long? One hazard with getting a gig working at your favorite local haunt, is that often it will no longer be your favorite haunt.I also have found many friendships and dates this way.Breweries tend not to be “meat markets” like clubs and trendy bars, in my experience. We’re both in our late 20s :’)I work in home with kids so I don’t socialize with coworkers, and all his coworkers are in their 40s and enjoy hanging out at bars.

We strive to support adult Christian singles in deepening their relationship with Christ, building sound friendships, having fun together and serving others.However most of the people there are older, and simply not my type of people. I’m sure there are plenty of other regular social events like that.Unfortunately I landed in Grand Rapids due to a new job, and I don't know anybody or much stuff here. Join a club or something: GR Sport and Social Club, Book Club, Young Professionals, or Volunteer regularly at a local charity. Honestly, most of my closest friends and even my husband I have met through work.but were always looking for adult friends who also dont have children.Were non judgemental and always down for a hangout :)I’ve met/dated/became friends with lots of people from Grand Rapids Sport and Social. Work had produced a lot of friends for me, but I know that isn’t an option for some people.

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Honestly, there’s a ton of great beer being made in GR.

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