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The last time I remember wide spread salt online was last gen Halo but kids being targeted I've never seen.annoying, and most will simply mute them or quit before the next match.Frequently, people would call someone 12 years old or a kid to imply the person was inexperienced, naive, immature, or to de-legitimize the individual.I feel like the logic was: "Why should anyone take your input seriously since you are young and inexperienced in life?To put it bluntly a lot of (not all mind you) kids are immature.This is the simplest element I can attest as to why people don't like it when they show up on a team.Since you are young, you don't know what you're talking about and you should stay quiet," which is obviously nonsense.Unfortunately, I was guilty of doing this too (even though I was myself a kid : P).

Back in the day, I played a lot of warcraft 3 online.

I always wonder how/why parents let these little kids play online games anyway.

Last time i had gaming experience with kids online was them screaming the n-word over and over, i guess things are different these days?

To be 100% fair, there are just as many adults who are even more immature; younger age is not a prerequisite here. Be nice to people and people will (usually) be nice back.

This is the easiest courtesy to lend to others, especially in the gaming community.

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