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Whether you want to go to Chipotle, a frat party, or even class, you’re going to have a hefty Uber receipt so plan accordingly.

A perk of South is that it’s all Freshmen, so you’ll quickly make friends since everyone is in the same situation. And make sure you go to Wilson late night pasta bar to satisfy your midnight cravings.

To accommodate its giant campus, Michigan State divides its MSU dorms and residence halls into five different neighborhoods: South, Brody, North, East, and River Trail.

Basically, you have to go out of your way and probably hop on a bus or two if you ever want to visit friends in different neighborhoods.

If you live in North you will be able to go out a lot and unless it’s a blizzard outside, you will never have to take Uber since the frats are right across the street. These dorms are the oldest on campus and you can definitely tell by the looks of them; however, their age contributes to their charm (the dorms literally look like Hogwarts).

North is close to the library, Beaumont tower, classes, and most importantly, Union Late Night.

I’m jealous of anyone who gets the privilege to live in North and eat Union Late Night every night.

Time and time again, you will hear Brody referred to as “The best neighborhood at MSU”. They have the newest dorms (trust me, these things are glorious), the newest and biggest dining hall, and they’re within walking distance to certain frats and good food places.

Although they have community style bathrooms (which some might say is a downfall, but come on, they get cleaned every day) Brody dorms have stylish study corners and lounges in every nook and cranny imaginable.

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(Side note to Freshmen: set aside a time to venture over to the Union after 9 PM.

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