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At the same time, there’s a lot of non-expert work that goes into any job.If you’re a salesperson, you’re going to spend time on Google or Linked In trying to do research on your prospect, trying to figure out how to differentiate yourself, etc.In both our products and our people, we aim to share the pains and successes of our customers.We are building a company that is abnormally successful.We also talked about the impact AI will have on humans — will it really take over our jobs?Prayag is the Founder of Lead Genius, a demand generation automation company that uses a combination of data mining, tech, and crowdsourcing to automation and accelerate outbound sales and marketing. And about 60% of the time she understands what we’re saying and is able to answer perfectly.

Sure, Siri can tell you a funny joke or help you find your way to that cool bookstore downtown. She can’t do a lot of other things that you’re really good at.

In product, we have engineers, PMs, and designers with broad sets of skills (from a variety of backgrounds) who are ready to tackle some of the most meaningful problems in the industry—from building adaptive AI for bot-supported conversations, to designing next generation chat experiences, to bridging the gap between old and new ways to buy—through this work, we're changing the global buying experience.

We look at Drift as a constantly-adapting learning experience; for all of us, we believe we're at the forefront of an enormous opportunity.

As for the other 40%, that’s when humans step in, taking on the cases that AI can’t understand and working to continually train and refine the technology.

So, human input is absolutely necessary for the technology to work the way we need it to.

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We want the world to revolve around the customer, and we lead by example.

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