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We will ask you to give permission for the CT scan under sedation by signing a consent form.

The nurses will have decided on the order on the list the night before and will have staggered your arrival time based on this.

This reduces the risk of stomach contents entering the lungs during and after the procedure.

You will be informed the night before the procedure of the time that your child should be ‘nil by mouth’ – in other words, have nothing to eat or drink before the sedation.

If you are pregnant or think you could be pregnant, please let us know.

The x-rays used in the CT scan could harm your unborn baby, so we would advise bringing another adult to come into the scanning room with your child.

On the day of the scan, wake your child at least one hour earlier than usual and try to keep themawake on the way to GOSH.

Your appointment letter will state whether your child is having sedation so you can follow the instructions below to prepare them.

The information from the scan is then used to help with diagnosis and plan their treatment.

If you are unable to keep this appointment, please inform the department as soon as possible beforehand.

If your child is apprehensive or scared of needles or injections or the scan itself, please telephone the Radiology play specialist before the appointment.

Some children find it difficult to lie still for the scan – either because of their age or their medical condition – so we might suggest they have sedation for the CT scan.

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