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Peet continued to pick up small roles in Virginity (1996), portrayed the supporting role of Jennifer Aniston's sister Molly in Edward Burns' comedy She's the One (1996) and appeared in the romantic comedy One Fine Day (1996, starring George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer).After a performance in Sex and Violins (1997), Peet gained exposure by playing roles in the independent features Grind (1997, starring Billy Crudup) and the AIDS drama Touch Me (1997, opposite Michael Vartans).

In 1998, Peet's career began to take flight when she joined the star-filled cast of Sean Connery and Gillian Anderson in Playing by Heart (1998).

Peet got her start in 1995 when she had her film debut in Craig Singer's Animal Room (1995), and next played regular Robyn Gainer in the television series "Central Park West" (1995).

She also landed a guest role in "Law & Order" (1995), playing kidnapped and distressed young woman Leslie Harlan who is forced to commit robbery.

She was nominated for a Saturn Award in 2007 for her role as Cherry Darling in Grindhouse–Planet Terror.

Rose Mc Gowan Net Worth 2019: Rose Arianna Mc Gowan is an American activist, actress, author, model, and singer.

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  1. I'd like to say this exercise made me resurrect toxic romantic relationships as healthy friendships, but that hasn't quite happened yet (and with some specific ones, I honestly can't see that ever happening).