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Boseman has since confirmed that he’s in a relationship with vocalist Taylor Simone Ledward, and that he and Hall are merely friends.Harper Hill was another actor who cozied up to Hall, though as he tells it, there was more going on than just a friendship. “Would it be born out of the fact that my parents are divorced? The rapper was quick to shut down any speculation about their relationship, however, when he appeared on The Breakfast Club.Now aged 48, she remains a successful figure in the film industry who continues to entertain multiple generations with her personality and never-ending skill.As of 2019, Regina Hall’s most successful performances remain integrated in several recent ‘must watch’ labeled movies.The following year, she featured in the film , co-starring alongside the comedian and actor Kevin Hart.

Instead, she would use her experience to captivate a whole newer generation.

Speaking about her early life, Regina Hall does not hide her passion when it comes to schooling.

Reflecting on her college life, she says ‘’Initially, Hall had envisioned a career within the writing or journalism scope.

Her most recent display of skill can be seen in movies such as .

Hall has no doubt gained a lot of professional success in the long time she has been in the industry.

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, and tonight she will be hosting the 2019 BET Awards. From the looks of it, Hall, 48, is currently unmarried and single.

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