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The book was entitled ‘Christ did not perish on the cross’.It is clear that he considered himself to be a good Christian, who was only attempting to set the record straight.In October of 1987, Cardinal Anastasio Ballestrero, of Turin, Italy, approved a list of three radiocarbon laboratories that would be allowed enough samples of the Shroud to carry out the test.These labs were: The Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art, Oxford, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s radiocarbon-dating facility at Zurich, and the University of Arizona’s facility at Tucson.

But wait – was the Shroud not exposed as a fake by radio carbon dating in 1988?Interestingly the Sudarium has a documented history much before the C-14 date for the Shroud.In a recent TV documentary Mark Guscin, the leading English speaking expert on the topic, also states that some of the blood stains on the cloth are from the body “whilst its still alive”.In a recent TV documentary Barrie Schwortz noted: “Amazingly when we look at the UV florescence photography of that area; the area where the samples were taken is dramatically different to the rest of the Shroud of Turin.“ Implications The implications for this are huge.The single biggest obstacle for the scientific community in taking the Shroud of Turin seriously was the carbon 14 dating result of 1988. Ray Rogers [1927-2005] Ray Rogers sadly passed away on March 8th 2005 after a long illness.

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