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Kuznetsov, 30, is set to marry bar owner Will Allen, she confirmed to Us Weekly, adding, "We have been best friends for years."Despite the speed of Kuznetsov's engagement, contractor-turned-HGTV personality Scott isn't bitter at all, telling the magazine that he wishes his ex "the very best, always."Scott, 40, revealed in April that he and Kuznetsov had called it quits.anytime soon, but that's not for ABC's lack of trying.Quite a stir occurred in January 2016 when pictures of Drew, Linda, and a tyke began appearing on her Instagram.Naturally, fans thought it was their kid, despite the fact that Linda never appeared pregnant in public, and the child was too old to just have appeared out of nowhere.The design show host has been asked to hand out roses on the dating reality show three or four times, according to him and his brother, Drew Scott."I said my third no to being the Bachelor about a month ago," Jonathan told He don't need that," Drew said.

, their plans for attaining music stardom have ranged from plans to start a boy band, to… Well, despite going into the real estate and reality TV business, they haven't yet given up on their musical dreams.

Actually, the tot in the photos was Linda's nephew, who makes cameos on Linda's Instagram feed from time to time.

So all you baby fans can just calm down—for now at least.

Drew proposed to Phan in December 2016 at the restaurant Piano Piano, in Toronto — and of course, she said "Yes!

" As of this writing, Drew and Linda have not had any children.

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