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During this time Hauaiembe invited the child to a party where "there would be wine and dancing".As the conversation progressed and became more explicit police discovered Hauaiembe had been confused by the profile's display picture, and thought he was speaking with a young girl.All the hope and trust that I had in Peter had gone.It was a blessing that I was living with the Filipino, missionary couple as my small family was settled in their house.I decided that we would stay and I would help them as much as possible, humble myself, to earn our place in the house and stay under their care because of my son.At this point I didn’t have anywhere else to go or know what to do.Find out more about Pacific Women’s partnerships in Papua New Guinea: Research Tackling Childcare: The Business Case for Employer Supported Childcare in Fiji This study demonstrates the need and appetite for affordable, accessible and quality childcare services among working parents in Fiji.Pacific Women supported the survey and its report through IFC’s...

He said they "could cuddle up and sleep" and attempted to make seven separate calls to the boy via Facebook.

Within days of his arrival he used Facebook to initiate contact with a local 10-year-old boy.

The boy's father was quickly alerted to the messages and began responding as his son, claiming he was 12.

The next day, he tried another four times to call the child on Facebook.

The boy's father then alerted police, who assumed the profile and continued the communication.

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