Perils of dating younger women who is cristiano ronaldo currently dating 2016

When I was in my late 20s, I dated a guy who was 7 years younger than I was.It worked out great; we're married and have a son.

Girls from those communities are brought here and trafficked as well.” Miller said trafficking in the area is a growing problem and tends to be less organized than in big cities, but Shreveport-Bossier City’s location is ideal for it to occur locally.I would not worry about your gap if everything is going great.Yeah, there's going to be stories about how younger guys were immature, whatever, but I'd go with your judgement rather than "he's 4 years younger than me, so he must not be as mature." I've dated older guys and guys my age that were far more immature than my current SO.There were way more other issues but that was related to his individual personality.The money and job thing I think is related to his immaturity due to age.

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Like you, we get along great, our relationship is amazing and we're incredibly happy.

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