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“Loneliness is a major killer and eventually, it will create disease,” says Stanger.

“We were not meant to be alone.”In the following exclusive interview, Stanger gives insights into love, romance, as well as attracting and keeping your perfect mate.

I don’t think they were used to being spoken to like that. But, we don’t have a lot of time in the episode so we’ve got to just crank it. Is there a new version of the show you would consider in the future?

I would consider going back if we rebooted the show to a 2.0 version of . I will never forget my time there, and I will never close the door.

Give me one major piece of advice for those who are looking for love.

You just have to be happy with who you are, whether you are 20 pounds overweight, if you are a widow, or if you have been divorced three times.

It does not matter what your past is; all that matters is your present.

What is the best way to spend Valentine’s Day if you do not have a special someone in your life right now? Single men are out and about looking that night at places like clubs and lounges. How many successful matches and marriages are you responsible for through your elite Millionaire’s Club and other avenues? I don’t give away my stats since I feel if I boast I will lose my gift.

Find out where they work,what they do for a living—all the basics—but no further. Because, you know, you're super cute." And then walk away.

never shies always from hot topics, whether it’s finding your one true love, improving your sex life and getting your significant other to propose marriage.

Stanger wants to provide insight into your deepest desires and give out some sage advice in the process.“It’s about more than dating, relationships and falling in love,” explains Stanger.

He was cheating on me with a friend and everyone knows. Disappear for a week; go to a spa; come back all fucking Zen. I leaned over, and I said, "Listen, I don't think we have any chemistry. It's the way he knows he's still got it and feels young again. What about your "no sex before monogamy" rule—is that one really necessary? If you don't want to get married, and you want to play, and you're in your fifties, and you've seen it all and done it all, go ahead. If it was just a date or three-month fling, okay, but the friend's not going to be happy, especially if they're not in a new relationship.

My relationship just ended in the most spectacular fashion. My mother says the best way to get over a man is to get under another man. About three years ago, I was on a terrible date from Plenty of Fish, but the guy was really nice. Here's what I would say: flirt when I'm not around. You're going to lose your friend in the end, so which do you want more, the friend or the guy?

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  1. I’m a Single Mom, and Online Dating Sucks – She has some free time and enjoys cycling … The Perfect Online Dating Profile Template Online dating (or Internet dating) is a system that enables people to find and introduce themselves to new personal connections over the Internet, usually with the goal of developing personal, romantic, or sexual relationships.