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Society actually criticizes us for having high standards. We won’t leave the house unless our eyeliner is on point and we won’t arrive at a restaurant without topics prepared.Whenever someone comments on how we’re “too picky,” what they’re really saying is that we should settle for someone, just so we can say we’re in a relationship. We’d rather be alone than in a relationship without real love. We try to be on our best behavior during dates, just in case the man we’re sitting across the table from happens to be our soul mate. Some men are intimidated by strong, independent women who don’t actually need them to survive.We know no one is perfect, but we also know we can do better. They’re used to women that they can manipulate in order to get sex.When we come around, they don’t know how to talk to us, or if they even want to talk to us, because they know we aren’t going to let them get away with murder like other girls have.Could the problem with my lack of success in online dating be how I do it?If you look hard enough through an online dating profile, you are bound to find a reason not to date that person.The Third Angel’s Message June 24, 2019June 26, 2019 admin Dating The four below are from Christians who ...

So when my friends started saying that my standards were too high and that I just needed to go out there and date someone, at first I thought they were right.They can't hold a conversation, they don't want to spend any time getting to know you, and they blatantly ignore signs of incompatibility.I list being vegan on my profile and I've had a man whose profile picture was him with a deer he shot, message me.That’s one of the many reasons why dating’s the worst for women with high standards. Unfortunately, dating involves a lot of BS’ing around about who’s going to text first and who’s going to initiate the first kiss. We have friends who can pretend that their cheating boyfriends are good guys, but we can’t follow in their footsteps. That’s why our first dates hardly ever lead to second dates. Men are used to women skating around their feelings, which is why they can be a little thrown off when we tell them exactly what we’re looking for.We hate ourselves for letting him play those mind games and for spending so much time praying he’d call us. The whole “ignorance is bliss” thing just doesn’t work for us. But we know what we want and aren’t afraid to let everybody know it.

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