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We’ll look at both of those perspectives in a moment.

In later lessons, we’ll get into further steps to fight temptation, but for now, I’ll give a couple of helpful tactics you might employ in your battle to weed masturbation out of your life. It means excessive living: overeating, over- drinking, over exercising, oversleeping, “over-TVing” (new word), etc.Perhaps the most concise apologetic for “why” is found in Russell Willingham’s book “Breaking Free.” Here are a few of his reasons: Willingham says that masturbation violates biblical sexuality because when the Bible speaks of sex, it speaks of a union between a man and woman.It’s a shared experience that ideally brings us out of ourselves and into the mind/soul of another.Masturbation seems to fall short of this design, and in the act and the residual guilt, it does the opposite. Masturbation skews our view of sex into being about our pleasure and a quick fix rather than the focus being on giving and intimacy in a committed marriage relationship.Some may worry what may happen were we to not masturbate, given the production of sperm in the male body, but God designed nocturnal emissions as a natural release when we are unable to engage in sexual activity.

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