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Still, some involved calls from collectors in the U. Collectors may make it sound like paying off collections account will improve your credit by telling you that they will update your credit report to “paid in full” status. Collection accounts are negative, regardless of whether they are paid or not, though some newer credit scoring models do not factor in paid collections.

On the other hand, paying the collection account may stop the creditor or collector from suing you, therefore avoiding a judgment on your credit report that could hurt your credit scre even more.

If you owe unsecured debt such as credit card debt, collectors must typically sue you before they can go after your property, including money in your bank accounts, or try to garnish your wages.

But threatening to take such actions before they have sued you and won a judgment may be illegal.

In fact, under the FDCPA, they are generally only allowed to contact third parties to locate you, and once they have found you, contact with third parties must stop.

Sukhman Dhami of the consumer law firm Dhami Law Firm, P.

“Stale (or zombie) debt is big business,” he added.

At the same time, don’t assume that just because a debt is older it can’t be collected, or that it can’t affect your credit reports.

No doubt some of these complaints involved overseas payday loan collection scammers. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a collection account will remain on your credit reports for seven years and six months from the date you fell behind with the original creditor.

He elaborated: “When a collector says, ‘We are going to inform your creditor that you are refusing to pay this bill! Your creditor has already figured out that you aren’t paying the bill, or they would not have sent your account to a collection agency in the first place! The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is very clear on this point.

Once you tell a debt collector your employer doesn’t allow you to talk with her while you are at work, she must stop calling you there.

Additionally, some mortgage lenders may require you to pay or settle collection accounts before giving you a loan.

“Collecting debts of the deceased is a growing and lucrative business. ” said Mary Reed, the co-author of more than twenty legal and financial books (including the book she coauthored with the author of this article, .) But generally, she points out, you aren’t responsible for the debts of relatives who died unless you were a cosigner, or the debt belonged to your spouse who died and you live in a community property state.

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