No confidence in dating

This is very important so I wantyou to maul this over for a minute.

When I go through the quick process (2-3seconds) of going into my head andthinking about ''just the right thing tosay'', it usually gets a bad response, fromwomen and men actually. Itsbecause they can sense that you arecoming from a place of neediness, i.e.

Practicing what you'relearning by going out and applying it atthe same time, supplements what youlearn and helps you understand it allbetter.

Mistake #2: Worrying Too Much About What A Woman Is Thinking Of Them Guys it's such an enormous mistake tofall into the trap of getting caught up inyour own head. Here's a veryironic discovery that I made a coupleyears ago: I get more bad reactions fromwomen when, in my head, I'm thinkingtoo long about what I should say before Isay it.

Naturally, a man doesn’t need to show them all to get the attention of a great woman…but if he manages to show her just a few, chances drastically increase that she’ll start “feeling it” for him.

1) An “Easy-Going” Attitude Listen…“easy-going” does not mean being so laid back when you first meet a woman that you’re practically asleep.

It also doesn’t mean putting up with any kind of rude or inappropriate behavior.

You'renever going to know everything before youeven start.Talk to everyone, not justgirls, and just be a social guy.The moreyou do this, the easier it will become overtime.Finally: coming across as “put together” means communicating confidence about who you are on the inside as well.You can do it by being able to carry on an interesting conversation about music…food… Becoming a good conversationalist is a sure sign that you have it all together…that you’re in a healthy, curious, confident state of mind. Like I always say, any “jerk” can act cocky with a woman…but coming across as confident requires something else: the ability to control what you say and do so that you never come across as “above” anyone else.

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