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Many people cannot be with someone who does not also love animals or treat animals right, she says.Were not saying they have to dress dogs up in little outfits or paint cats to match their outfits or anything to the extreme although many people enjoy doing that.This is one small way we are trying to help people find happiness with one another.

These days, it can be difficult to not only find the perfect date, but the correct person to share your life with.

Over the years, dogs have gone from being working animals that serve us to being the central focus of our lives they sleep in our beds, eat only the best in canine cuisine and are generally waited on hand and foot.

They also play more important roles in our lives than ever before, with some 91 per cent of pet owners reporting that they feel very close to their pet.

If you are crazy about your canine, a dog lovers dating website is the ultimate choice for you.

This is a valuable tool for anyone who has a special puppy in his or her life.

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