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Retired with 25 years of teaching experience in mathematics.I have worked in Dallas County Schools, Thomasville City Schools, and Mobile County Schools.She has worked at the Alabama State Department of Education since 2014 supporting school turnaround, primarily with the federally funded School Improvement Grant (SIG) program, and currently serves in the Office of School Improvement. Lisa Andrejko, former superintendent in two Pennsylvania school districts, Quakertown Community and Norristown Area.She is currently Lead Strategic Education Advisor in teacher supervision, evaluation, and professional learning for Power School. In 2013 she was recognized as a Tech Savvy Superintendent by e School News and a Top 40 Education Innovator by the Center for Digital Education.Making the Arduino Starter Kit projects and reading the book 'Getting Started with Arduino' are great ways to start learning and tinkering with coding and electronics.Are you a teacher looking to bring some innovation into your classroom?Wendy Arnold is a 22 year educator who spent 7 years in the classroom and 13 years as a school counselor.For the past 2 years, Wendy has served as the system RTI Specialist.

For a complete list of Guides visit the Foundations section, where you will find in-depth knowledge about the principles and techniques behind the Arduino platform.

She has consulted on these topics nationally and internationally, most recently for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the U. She earned a doctorate in education leadership from Lehigh University and has a master’s degree in education technology.

Her work has been published in several publications.

BEFORE YOU START CONTROLLING THE WORLD AROUND YOU, YOU’LL NEED TO SET UP THE SOFTWARE TO PROGRAM YOUR BOARD The Arduino Software (IDE) allows you to write programs and upload them to your board.

In the Arduino Software page you will find two options: 1.

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In 2017, she earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Education from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

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