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If he says no because of your weight, two things; 1) He's shallow and disgusting for judging you on your appearance and not your character 2) Remember, that he will have things about him that will scream out to you what imperfections he has! So I've been talking to this guy recently and he has agreed that he wants to meet me.

I've seen him a few times around uni (from afar) and he does look quite health concious.

I'm a size 16 and the largest girl in my flat and recently put weight on in uni, so feeling even larger. Go on it, but let her down gently that she's too big for you / not your type however you want to word it? The photos of me are accurate, like taken seconds before I've sent them, no make-up etc. I would think it would be better all round if he saw what you look like first- if there is a problem, surely you'd rather it came up before a face to face meeting?

You haven't misrepresented yourself or withheld info so it's not misleading on that score Depends on what he's like as a person, if you have the kind of connection that he's looking for it very well might not matter. That said, generally speaking, I think people that look after themselves kind of expect their respective partner to do the same.

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I agree with's not really being honest hiding most of your body and I'm not going to lie, 13st 3 at 5'3 is pretty big.

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