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"It's tough being the one that gets sent home," said Noelle after her ouster."He said that we were connected, obviously we weren't as much. Ultimately, I'll take the blame to an extent for not really opening up."The connection we have, it just works." "His feelings for Shayne I believe are true," commented Lorenzo.Matt and Shayne then left Lorenzo and traveled to meet her mom Michele and younger sister Dakota -- a Shayne Doppelganger.The higher your hopes, the further they have to fall.So I try to protect myself from getting too excited about anything." judge Lorenzo Lamas -- is "a bit of a star." "I think Matt is still a little bit skeptical that I'm an actress and that I'm here to be on TV," said Shayne. I'm here for Matt and to find true love -- and nothing else." Matt, Shayne and Lorenzo then conversed as the British bachelor tried to correctly pronounce Lorenzo's last name.

"I hired actors that are going to play my mom and dad. [Matt] loves pranks, and I want to see how he reacts to it." Over the top was a bit of an understatement, as Amanda's fake mom had an awkward laugh that she would unleash at inappropriate times and also asked Matt to flex for her. Both of Amanda's fake parents also wondered if Matt had been intimidate with their daughter before mom took him outside. Robinson, cougar kind of way," according to Amanda. Matt lives in London and works for a company that provides remote access software.After dating Bachelor Pad winner Natalie Getz (who was rejected on Jason's season of The Bachelor), he married Rebecca Moring in December 2017. Matt said he thinks if the effort's made, they'll "be fine." "I feel good about all of this. "I'm just praying that we see more of Matt." Shayne and Matt then said goodbye to one another. "I think I have to be honest here and say I got Shayne completely wrong.I'm really falling big time for Shayne." Next Matt arrived in Durango, CO to meet Chelsea Wanstrath and her family.

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