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But at the highest level you ARE a dominant guy in every part of your life.

You will move through the world with relaxed confidence and a masculine presence.

This is something women find very attractive and desirable.

And they can sense it on a man the minute he walks in a room.

or maybe even tied to the bed and "forced" to be submissive.Then leverage her fantasies to have wild, edgy sexual experiences including private fantasy enactments, exciting strip club outings, and public sex.You'll understand how to use plot build up and romantic sensuality to turn your woman on.All this because fantasies focus on the sexiest organ in a woman's body -- Women are capable of much more sex than a man. So when you are leading her through all these experiences and she is able to surrender and just go wild, she will be one of the happiest women on the planet. She will want you to feel as good and be as happy as she is.At the starting level, you are acting dominant, it's dirty talk or spanking.

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  1. Remember one thing, a drug user, is always looking for a way to get a discount for his drug protocol, and how does he get a discount? Be very careful of being given "free stuff" (48 laws of power book explains it in a very good way - i suggest you read it). Nothing is ever being given "free" unless its a present for a birthday (even then there could be a hidden motive) or the present is being given by someone very close to you. IMO, the best way is to not give a damn about any of this. I have met women who once they break up they immediately jump to the next relationship - classic mistake a LOT of people do, be it female or male. The vast majority of modern women want more than they deserve.