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I saw some hot waitresses, you could try getting one of their numbers and setting something up. Some girls look like meth addicts, because LA Cafe is open all night some of the most hardcore street girls in Manila will wander in.

Often they try to insist you buy 2 lady drinks at 300 each before barfining her too.Young disco freelancers at ZZYZX usually try for 3000.Sex at Airforce One KTV is 1500 for the girl but 1200 for the room, so 2700.There are some really ropey looking ones that would probably take a few hundred pesos but it may not be safe to go with them.Don’t expect bikini bar or ZZYZX quality, there are a lot of fatties and 30 year old chicks.

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Some only do handjobs / blowjobs / nuru massage, for 500 /1000 / 1.5k ish.

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