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My parents were so strict that I couldn’t go anywhere without their practically doing a background check on everyone who would be there.

Regardless of how chaste the event was, they had to be sure there wouldn’t be any boys present to tempt me down the path of loose women.

Thanks: Leader and Business Consultant, Leke Alder speaking on JESUS AS THE CREATIVE AGENCY OF THE GODHEAD, and practical tips and stories, and testimonials on HOW TO BE A CREASTIVE GENIUS! Source: Keji Ajayi on 'THE STRANGE WOMAN' - an exposition on sexual traps for men and women, their deception, the types of sexual traps, how to identify them, how to fall a victim and how to protect yourself and your future from the onslaught of sexual temptations and traps! Nation-Builder, Fela Durotoye on FINDING YOUR CAREER LADDER OF SUCCESS Get answers to questions like: What are the characteristics of the perfect career choice?

Pastor Keji Ajayi is the founding Pastor of Incorruptible Seed Church, Lagos & Ibadan, Nigeria, Africa. ', a masterclass on qualities to watch out for when choosing a marriage partner, in order to build the marriage of your dreams? What is the role of your personality in your choice of career?

I had told my mom that it would be just my girlfriends and me at the movies. There was no adjective in the world that would make my mom see past my geeky, lanky, pasty, computer nerd, Mormon classmate Ryan’s Y chromosome. She was going to remind me that we were Iranian Muslims, not Americans. He could’ve been eight or forty; it was all the same.

As we made our way through parking-lot traffic in our Danville, California, suburb, I strategized about ways to navigate our argument. This is especially true if this course is to be used with younger teens, or with students that may not have yet been exposed to the World’s view of these topics. This series helps young people understand the differences between the different types of relationships; as well as how to develop wholesome and Biblical relationships. Online streaming would be available for ladies outside Lagos and in the diaspora.Date: Saturday, April 27th, 2019 Time: 10 AM Venue: Diamond Hall, David’s Christian Centre, Elegushi Beach Road, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. All participants will get a 20% discount on the next masterclass, free exclusive coaching by Pastor Kingsley, and his latest ebook for free.

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