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continue reading » Her arm was bent at the elbow with the palm of her hand supporting her head as she watched him take off his shirt.” Dan asked her as he undid his belt and stepped out of his pants.…You will need to resize any photo larger than 800x600 pixels using your graphics software or a free Web-based resizer, such as Pic bird with a purple gloss on wing and a duck bill My husband saw this bird I described at work in a field.Birds flying really fast all together in circles non stop These birds are flying all around my house really fast.Screeching brown/ grey/ white bird aggressive towards birds There are about 6 of these birds around our home in Northern MI.They sit perched and attack other birds only to leave them 1/2 eaten …Two-Toned whistle, slower low note, then quicker high note- NH For the past few mornings I hear this quite loud new bird in my yard, but I can't SEE him!

It is a small (3-5 inches bird with a black cone bill, black eyes and almost no tail to speak of.

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Subject line has the song description, and the closest "words" …Small immature bird, white and grey chasing bugs, please help!

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