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(The pair scored 37.5 points, third best of the night.) After the show, taking questions on the press line, she snuggled in Chmerkovskiy's arms, standing only on her left foot.Ask Monaco what she was feeling during the routine and she says, "It was really raw and emotional and accurate and truthful. Honestly, I can not come up with the words to describe how I feel about this decision... Just finished our walk through for tomorrow’s @Killylive event. Can’t wait to meet all of our @General Hospital and #killy fans. First stop is the @Bravo WWHL #clubhouse to hang with @Andy. #gh #abc #Killy With Kindness LC4b Hey @General Hospital fans, maybe you didn’t hear us. #billymiller and I appreciate any support but not at the expense of our costars. #killywithkindness #Next Gen Face #Giving Back #bullyfreezone Henderson…After she broke up with her first boyfriend, she began dating her new boyfriend Heath Freeman.However, the couple didn't get married and separated.You may struggle with identifying with the name Billy Miller but, Jason Morgan is definitely a name you can easily relate to.Jason Morgan is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera – General Hospital and, the role is currently portrayed by Billy Miller, who joined the cast in 2014.

She has had an affair with numerous boyfriend till yet. After living nine years in a relationship, the couple separated from each other.Monaco also dated Val Chmerkovskiy, a dancer for a year.After that, she began dating her fourth boyfriend Billy Miller.While the two refuse to define what's going on between them ("no labels," says Val), Monaco talks about Val "breaking down my walls." After their dance Monday night, Chmerkovskiy carried her down four stairs to stand next to host Tom Bergeron and get their judges' comments.Then, when that was over, he picked her up again and carried her to the skybox to debrief with co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet.

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