Junior dating a freshman college

There seems to be two sides of the coin with no in-between here.” The first-year also joked that something as simple as inviting someone on a walk can mean a lot at Whitman.“I was joking with one of my friends like ‘oh you go on the walk.’ When you ask someone who you’re interested in to go on a walk with you, generally they end up dating within a couple of weeks,” she laughed.I don’t think of myself as physically imposing, but other people might see me that way.I haven’t had a lot of struggles based on how I’ve looked, it’s always been just been personalities not meeting,” said Goldblatt.

Students go about finding potential sexual or romantic partners in a multitude of ways: from dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble to meeting people through mutual friends and classes.

Ellingboe has been dating her boyfriend since freshman year and feels that in some ways her experience has been much different than her friends and peers.

“I think that my experience has been different than what some other people have had; getting into a long term relationship during first year was absolutely not what I had planned or imagined.

“A lot of times we’re so small that what else is there to do but make some drama.

And you know things get blown out of proportion very easily because of the small scale that were on,” said Goldblatt.

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