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Though different options work well for different people, JSwipe, he said, has resulted in “hundreds of people empowered to find love on their own, swiping in their community or worldwide,” on a scale that no individual matchmaker can parallel.

Rivka (not her real name), a veteran of the Modern Orthodox dating scene, thought the “human touch” — rather than the impersonal, algorithm-driven technology that brings people together on sites and apps like JDate and the Tinder-inspired JSwipe — had potential.(“Tell a story” with your dating profile with photos that reveal a range of interests, not “just five photos of your face,” he urges.) So far, Avitan says, 40 young eligibles have sought his services, and he’s a frequent speaker at Jewish singles events around the city. The 64-year-old, Pittsburgh-based shadchan has been a matchmaker for Jews of all stripes for most of her adult life and was involved in the founding of Saw You At Sinai.Because of the impersonality of dating apps, she says, her business is booming.You have the human touch, not a nice person from Washington Heights, Teaneck or the Five Towns but your OU-JLIC educator.” Yoel Ackerman, who has just launched a Facebook group called “Frum Shidduch Resumes,” believes that since matchmakers are typically paid, “oftentimes, the shadchan might only have his or her own best interest in mind and is simply trying to marry you off quick without realizing that the match might not even be a good one.” Ackerman started the Facebook group in order to “to simplify the shidduch process and make it easier for Orthodox singles to date by breaking down some of the barriers that they might face.” A project begun in memory of Ackerman’s father, the group’s rules state that those looking to date for marriage should post their “shidduch resume” and only that.Group members can reach out to each other directly if they are interested in what they see, or can ask a group administrator to reach out to someone they are interested in to see if there is a mutual spark.

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Avitan, however, takes a swipe, so to speak, at the shadchan-based model of Saw You At Sinai, where matchmakers peruse profiles and suggest potential matches.

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