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Amanpour presents guest Gundar-Goshen’s false theory that alleged Israeli Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, cynically exploited by Prime Minister Netanyahu, is the reason that the peace process with the Palestinians has failed.

In its latest Book Review Section (June 21, 2019), the New York Times promotes a novel that analogizes Palestinian refugees during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war to Jewish victims of the Nazis in what amounts to "Holocaust Inversion" – an antisemitic, anti-Zionist gimmick that depicts Israelis as the new Nazis and Palestinians as the new Jews.

While gay marriages, like all Jewish marriages in Israel carried outside the Orthodox Rabbinate are not recognized, they are not in violation of any law.

Info Equitable flags falsehoods in a tendentious AFP story on the separation barrier, and prompts significant improvement.

Michael Jones on the You Tube channel of Catholics Against Militarism (CAM).

Reuters asserts that Israeli settlers can drive through the West Bank "without major restriction," completely omitting the fact that Israelis are prohibited from entering parts of the West Bank under complete Palestinian control (Area A). Michael Jones on their You Tube channels are helping to mainstream a Jew-baiter and racist who promotes ethnic strife in American society. "Arabs and Israelis met together publicly in the Gulf for the first time," reporter Taylor Luck reported, missing a series of public high-level visits and meetings with took place over the last three decades.CAMERA prompts correction after AFP erroneously reported that Israel's extremist far-right Jewish Power party is in an electoral alliance with other right-wing parties.While such a pact existed in the April 2019 election, Jewish Power is running alone in the September race.In fact, as CAMERA's original research proves, al-Husseini continued to make war against the Jewish state until his dying day, three decades after the war's end.Given the complicated geopolitical realities of the disputed city of Jerusalem, journalists have a particular responsibility to be precise.

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