Itemupdating folder fires twice

In the Item Event , I have all Item Deleting, Item Adding etc., and in the List Event I have Field Adding, Field Updated etc.I have the requirement to process a document list item when it is changed by a remote event receiver.The remote event receiver is wired into the itemupdated event.There is an obvious issue with this that I will get stuck in an infintite loop if I update an item in the itemupdated event. To avoid this infinite loop, and in the absence of something like Event Firing Enabled that I would have used with old school Share Point development, I thought about adding a "Processed" flag on the list item to indicate that the document has been processed.

That way, everything related to that list is in one place.

My question is how to organize them in a Visual Studio solution/project in a way that makes sense.

Which event receivers should have their own function/class/folder/project/solution?

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